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This is where we provide links to documents relevant to this prospective development. The latest additions are at the top of each section. Others follow broadly chronologically with the earliest at the bottom.

PACE Provides a statement in response to Inspector's 'Questions and issues, as they affect EOS1 during Part 2 of the Enquiry in Public (EIP) which is currently scheduled for consideration on 9th November 2017.

Comments on East Herts Draft (Pre-Submission) District Plan -

Reasons to Object - Word based version (download)
Reasons to Object - PDF Version (view or download)

SayNo2GP Opinion Survey Voting opportunity-3rd November 2016 

Minister clarifies Green Belt Policy (7th June 2016) - extract ...

"... The Government has put in place the strongest protections for the Green Belt. The Framework makes it clear that inappropriate development may be allowed only where very special circumstances exist, and that Green Belt boundaries should be adjusted only in exceptional circumstances, through the Local Plan process and with the support of local people. We have been repeatedly clear that demand for housing alone will not change Green Belt boundaries ..."

PACE's response can be viewed here

15th January. PACE Issues summary report on key issues arising from comments made to EHDC on its consultation - see report

1st December. PACE sumitted its final  'comments' to East Herts - See Reasons to Object opposite 

We have produced a simple Word based guide on 'How to comment' on the Plan. 

The survey, was broadcast on 3rd November via our Facebook and Twitter Accounts. It is timed to coincide with the opening of East Herts Public Consultation process, and is aimed at voters and others with an interest in Green Belt matters.  You can access and complete the survey here.  Please note the Survey will close on 30th November.

Drawing on contributions from other sources, as well as its own, PACE has compiled comments on the Pre-Submission draft District Plan. You may care to view our 'Reasons to Object' briefing prior to completing our opinion survey. 

In his important and very relevant letter to English MP's the then of State for Housing and Planning made clear what Local Authorities must do, and we contend East Herts has not done, to change or modify Green Belt Land. The full letter (our highlighting) is here

East Herts Council has not consulted on its proposed change to Green Belt boundary,  It has not enlisted the support of local people, and argues that the need to meet the Governments housing target as 'evidence' of a very special circumstance.   Please refer to it when submitting comments to the Council.
Aston Parish Council information / papers

APC Full comments on EHDC Consultation Chapter 12 -
Email - full response PDF view or download
PDF version (view or download)
4th December. APC produced and uploaded final version of their comments to the EHDC Consultation portal.  View, copy and use sections to assist your 'comment(s)' to East Herts opposite.

18th November.  Council Chair, Bernie Eccles and Aston Village Society Chair Chris Brett, provided an updated formal 'Comment' on the East Herts Plan. APC also provided a one page resume 

5th November. Parish Council delivers its Survey to all households

17th October. APC presentation - given to Special Parish Meeting.You can view it  as a PDF in a separate tab. It's large and so may take a while to load,


1st February 2017 -Statement by East Herts District Council (EHDC)
1 February.  Following discussions with PACE,  EHDC  agrees statement advising that it will not include potentially linked sites in its submitted plan ... 

EHDC Officers have provided a statement advising:  "That it has no plans to seek to extend its Gresley Park proposal, or reduce Green Belt further to embrace potentially linked land areas. Following consultation, its proposals remain as set out in the pre-submission Plan, published in November 2016. This position will now be subject to endorsement at the forthcoming District Planning Executive Panel on 9 March 2017."
EHDC publishes its Draft District Plan

(Comments are invited from 3rd November to 15th December)

A listing of those Commenting to East Herts on East of Stevenage (Chapter 12) will be published for the record after 15th December  
View the Draft Plan
You can view it online, at the District District Council's Offices or by making contact with your Parish Clerk. View it  here in its entirety. Page down to Chapter 12 for theEast of Stevenage section. Please note that all comments must be received by 15th December.

Comment on the Draft Plan
You are invited by the District Council to comment online, or by completing their online form and posting  emailing that. To comment online you need to Register and login. PLEASE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT.

Comments will be published by EHDC shortly after receipt, so you can keep abreast of those made by others. 

You can watch this and subsequent meetings either live or after the event via its webcast facility at this  link

Essential Reference Paper B advises in para 8.30 that a Planning application be submitted prior to the Examination in Public ...

"It is the intention that the proposal will be submitted to the Council as a planning application prior to the Examination in Public, with the decision not anticipated until after formal adoption of the District Plan. This approach will illustrate to the Inspector that the proposal is fully deliverable, without prejudicing the decision-making process of the authority."

More to come? Para 4.6 and 4.7 implies support for Stevenage Borough's recommendation to 'safeguard' Parcel E4 (ii) -land, South of the proposed Gresley Park development, running from Holders Cottage down Holders Lane to the Crown PH, "for future development" to accommodate a further 400 dwellings - see Gallery  Fig 1 - See subsequent note on Home page - What provoked this Campaign and Fig. 1a in the Gallery
There are three relevant and important papers to view. in the interest of balance ...
  1. The main Agenda item and report Para 2.2. sums up its position Para 2.2. On balance it is considered that, in order to allow for an urban extension to the sustainable settlement of Stevenage, it would be appropriate to allow some Green Belt release in this instance in order to meet identified housing need."

  2. Essential Reference Paper B – Settlement Appraisal – East of Stevenage (22 pages) This walks through the history of its consideration of the site, and evidences [in their minds] why the site is to be included in the District Plan

  3. Essential Reference Paper C – Chapter 12 East of Stevenage (8 pages) This is the proposed revised wording for inclusion in the Plan
East Hertfordshire District Council's current policy on Green Belt:

See the commissioned specialist report by Peter Brett Associates, August 2015 at this link 
It's policy states that the area of green belt land between Stevenage and Walkern has  "paramount" importance "to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas" and "to assist in the safeguarding the countryside from encroachment".
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